St. Jude’s Recovery Center provides a comprehensive continuum of care from detox to permanent housing.

St. Jude’s clients receive intensive treatment for addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders including services such as intake and assessments, treatment planning, mental health treatment, life skills training, health and nutrition education, job readiness, medication management, individual and group counseling, 12-step education and groups, parenting education, continuing care, and family and children services.


Medically monitored, sub-acute detoxification

St. Jude’s serves men and women who require 24-hour supervision, for medical stabilization of withdrawal symptoms including Buprenorphine for opioid withdrawal. The duration of the detoxification period is individualized. Withdrawal symptoms are resolved before a client is transitioned to the next level of care.

Outpatient Services

Intensive Day Treatment

St. Jude’s provides a structured day treatment program for men and women utilizing evidence-based practices. Day treatment includes psycho-educational groups, individual and group therapy, skill building groups, employment readiness, 12-step, spirituality, and relapse prevention.

Continuing Care

St. Jude’s provides group therapy and individual counseling for residential clients and all clients who have completed Intensive Day Treatment.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

St. Jude’s offers Medication Assisted Treatment for opioid addiction at NO COST to the individual receiving treatment. For more information, please contact the MAT Coordinator at 404-534-2192 or Although not for everyone, it is an essential part of some clients’ comprehensive treatment plans.

Residential Services

Residential Treatment

St. Jude’s provides intensive addiction treatment services and housing for men, women, and women with their dependent children. Clients live in a therapeutic community and participate in a structured day treatment program. Upon completion of the day program, clients are required to obtain and maintain full time employment, attend evening treatment activities, and 12-step meetings. Evening services are designed to provide education about recovery topics, basic living and coping skills, and relapse prevention.

Recovery Residences

St. Jude’s provides housing in a sober living environment for individuals who have completed residential treatment and are stable and employed.

Permanent Housing

St. Jude’s provides permanent supportive housing for homeless individuals who are in recovery. One location serves veterans, both men and women. Two other locations serve individuals with their dependent children.

Additional Services

Family and Children Services

St. Jude’s provides family therapy education and support. Services are available for anyone affected by another person’s addiction to alcohol and drugs. St. Jude’s provides on-site therapeutic childcare for children living with their mothers in residential treatment, as well as summer programming, homework assistance, life and social skills training, after-school activities, and prevention education.

Employment Services

St. Jude’s provides employment readiness, resume writing, interviewing skill building, career counseling, post employment support, and job search skills.

12-Step Meetings

St. Jude’s offers 12-step meetings for anyone in recovery. Meetings include Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Health Services

St. Jude’s provides all clients with physical assessments, basic medical care, health education, nutrition education, and referrals to outside healthcare providers.
Clinical trials have demonstrated that when someone has a substance abuse problem and one or more physical health problems, integrated care can be more effective and result in better outcomes than separate primary care and substance abuse programs.

For referral or admission to St. Jude’s Recovery Center’s detoxification unit, residential and outpatient treatment programs, please contact our Admissions Department at
(404) 249-6272

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