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What We Do

Serving Metro Atlanta, St. Jude’s Recovery Center provides an integrated system of care that sustains recovery from the disease of addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders and returns at-risk individuals to their families and communities as healthy, self-sufficient, productive individuals. Treatment services are based on the belief that addiction is a disease and that treatment must focus on the whole person. Our evidence-based programs and services are designed to support the client over a lifetime of recovery.

Our History

St. Jude’s Recovery Center was founded in 1962 as St. Jude’s House, the first long-term residential treatment program for alcoholics in Atlanta. Over the years as demographics and drugs of choice have changed, St. Jude’s proactive approach of redesigning programs and services to meet the needs of clients has kept us in the forefront of the recovery industry.

Who We Serve

Open to anyone in the community seeking treatment for addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders, St. Jude’s Recovery Center serves more than 1,500 individuals per year, most of whom are homeless or low-income adults, veterans and families with children who do not have private insurance and/or cannot afford to pay for lifesaving treatment.

Full Continuum of Care

St. Jude’s Recovery Center is one of the few treatment centers in the state of Georgia that provides a full continuum of care that includes detoxification, intensive day treatment, residential and outpatient treatment services, individual and group counseling, primary healthcare, educational and employment assistance, recovery residences as well as permanent housing.



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