“St. Jude’s gives me peace of mind…”

At St. Jude’s Recovery Center, we provide affordable, high quality care that is individualized to address the specific needs of each client. We would like to share this story from one of our clients and celebrate their journey to recovery with you.

“I’m at St. Jude’s Recovery Center because my life became unmanageable. I realized that I am powerless over my addiction, that I self-destruct and everything that I worked hard to obtain became a downward spiral. It had a stronghold on my life. I became very reckless and so consumed by my addiction.

The staff at St. Jude’s are genuinely concerned of my well-being and desire for me to have a successful recovery and better quality of life. Applying the tools provided for me here helps me better handle stress. St. Jude’s gives me peace of mind knowing that if I consistently apply the steps towards keeping my sobriety, I will have the quality of life I desperately desire.”