The St. Jude’s Great Give was a success!

During the month of June, St. Jude’s Recovery Center started a Great Give to ask our network to help us raise the final funds for our Restoring Lives, Serving Atlanta Capital Campaign. The St. Jude’s Great Give was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who donated to this cause! You helped us raise $27,814 and we are getting close to our overall $5.35 million goal!

Our facilities play a vital role in our client’s health. St. Jude’s provides clients with a therapeutic atmosphere, free from the overwhelming environmental triggers of addiction. St. Jude’s facilities provide clients with the safety, stability, structure and support they need to accept and actively participate in recovery treatment. In this enriched setting, clients are more open to behavioral change and learning as they embark on their journey to sobriety and recovery.

Despite our efforts to address needed renovations and repairs with our annual operating budget as they arise, the needs of our facilities have outpaced our agency’s ability to remedy them. With the increase in the number of clients we serve due to the opioid epidemic, it is imperative that we shore up our existing facilities to handle the corresponding usage and traffic that will come as a result.

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